Our Services

Accomplishments so far

  • Formation of 311 functional Self Help Groups & 3 block and 1 district level women federations.
  • Eco-Clubs & National Green Cadets formed in 153 and 204 schools respectively.
  • 1000 individual toilets constructed in 16 Panchayats.
  • 5 community toilets constructed.
  • 405 landless Dalit families have been facilitated to acquire 132.65 acres of land.
  • 1522 Female Commercial Sex Workers were identified extended care & support.
  • 255 children with HIV/AIDS are taken care of with Health Care & Nutritional Food.
  • The poor rural women have been enabled to acquire Rs. 50 Lakhs ($ 125,000) as credit through bank linkages for IGP activities.
  • Two seed banks have been created to conserve traditional varieties of seed.
  • 500 Kitchen Herbal Gardens have been established in the rural households.
  • 31 destitute senior citizens are provided complete care & support.
  • 15 bore wells are installed in 15 villages of 3 various panchayats Kablilamalai Union with the financial assistance of CAPART and Water for Humanitarian Fund, USA.
  • With the magnanimous assistance by “Zero-Kap” 150 dalit women are going to get economic assistance to uplift their economic standard of life through various Income Generation Activities.
  • U.K. based agency “Jeevika Trust” is giving financial assistance to WORD organization to empower dalit women’s rights. This program is implemented in 5 dalit villages of Thidumal Panchayats, Kabilamalai Union.


Promotion of alternative health care

  • Promotion of Traditional Medicines as Effective Low Cost remedies for common ailments.
  • Establishment of Kitchen Herbal Gardens in rural households.
  • Campaign on Toxic free Naturopathy.
  • Promotion of Medicinal plant cultivation among tribal communities in Kolli Hills for Income Generation.


Empowering of oppressed sections

  • Facilitation towards assertion of land owning rights of Dalit communities.
  • Imparting vocational skills for Dalit women to break free from oppressive farm Labour.
  • Sensitization on Legal Rights.


Caring the deserted and destitute

  • Home for the aged at Gandhi Nagar, S.K. Mettur.
  • Creche for poor children at S.K.Mettur, Nagapalayam Colony, Chinnampallimedu
  • Saving abandoned babies and facilitation for adoption.


Health, hygiene and rehabilitation

  • Reproductive Health Care for women.
  • Persistent Campaign on importance of breast feeding.
  • Mobile Health Camps in villages.
  • Vocational Skill Training & Resourcing of persons cured of leprosy.


HIV prevention, care and support

  • Generating awareness on HIV prevention among female sex workers.
  • Clinical care of female sex workers.
  • Creation of alternative livelihood options for commercial sex workers.
  • Psychological Counseling.
  • Educational Aid for children of HIV Positive Parents.
  • Care & support for infected children.
  • Facilitation on collective Right Based Activities for PLHAs.


Environment conservation, sustainable agriculture, animal rights

  • Promoting Organic Farming Practices among marginal and small farmers as sustainable livelihood.
  • Establishing Eco-Clubs in the rural schools, as part of inculcating the sense of Environment Conservation in the young minds.
  • Establishment of seed banks for the protection of the genetic stock of traditional seed varieties. Promotion of vermi culture, tree planting, backyard poultry with country fowls for biodiversity & income generation.
  • Campaign on protection of farm animals & promoting vegetarianism.


Environment sanitation and drinking water

  • Construction of Community Toilets.
  • Construction of Drainage Systems.
  • Construction of Individual Toilets in the rural households.