What began in the late 1980's as a movement led by a small group of young women inspired by the spirit of the Gandhian Boodan Movement of the 60’s evolved in to the official formation of WORD in the year 1991. The oppressive conditions with the prevalence of highly discriminated groups and cruel practices perpetrated against the female gender were the most motivational factors....

Some of our Services

Environmental Sanitation & Drinking Water

  • Construction of Community Toilets
  • Implementation of Drainage Systems
  • Providing Individual Toilets to rural Households

HIV/AIDS Prevention

  • Clinical Care of Female Sex Workers
  • Psychological Counseling
  • Care & Support for Infected Children


"I married 5 years ago and I'm having a 3 year old child. Together with my husband and my child I live in Konthalam Anna Nagar, seperated from the rest of my family. For our survival we both need to work as coolies. We were very concerned about our child during day time because there was nobody to take care of it. Thanks to WORD we don't need to worry anymore because we can send it to their creche while we are at work." - Lakshmi, 29